Cashiers Spa House Calls Available

Rest, Relax and Replenish

We are happy to bring Cashiers Spa to your beautiful mountain home, and create a serene environment for a therapeutic, relaxing massage.  There are cozy corners of your home, office, hotel or bed and breakfast that would be perfect for a massage table and a licensed massage therapist to create a mini day spa experience.  We provide the music, essential oils, linens, table and of course the amazing massage in your desired location.

Massage house calls renew mind, body & spirit for many reasons:

  • Completely relax and not have to drive anywhere after your session.
  • Have a massage party and turn your place into a day spa with friends.
  • Enjoy the serene surroundings of your mountain home, and a massage, right where you are.
  • Don’t lift a finger. Complete relaxation in the place that makes you feel the most whole.

To book your house call massage, please call 828-553-6300.