Amanda Marie

Massage Therapist

NC LMBT # 19415

Amanda Marie has been practicing body work for over 10 years. She originally started with Reiki, a Japanese lineage art. She is trained in cranial sacral therapy as well. Her passion for massage therapy and bodywork continues to grow as she dives deeper in the art of the healing touch.
Some of her work outside the spa is helping mothers through childbirth , as a doula with Luna mountain doulas, and teaching Kundalini yoga. Amanda, has also done a bit of studies in herbalism and enjoys making tinctures and oils working with the prolific natural medicines of the area.


Amanda’s hand made Mala necklace jewelry.

The making of the mala is a sacred process. First the space is prepared by burning myrrh resin, local cedar, and hi John the conqueror.
“I use Gurmukhi (which translates to from the mouth of the guru) and say a prayer opening the space, and blessing and protection in the four directions. There is also mantra chanted during the process of weaving the beads.”
The necklaces we have in house were made with Eka Mai, which translates to one Divine mother, which harnesses the creative feminine principle. Upon request Malas can also be made with other mantras depending on your specific needs.